• Mushroom Month

    Now is the time of the mushroom, so it only seemed right that I have a go at making some of my own. Alright, so I actually made this one last month, but am only just posting about it now (shh).

    Looking at it now I must say that the cap looks a little sparse of beads and crystals considering how long I spent putting them on there. Jewel encrusted, reflecting the way I see them – as jewels of the forest. It’s a theme throughout my other creative efforts. I like the idea of jewels literally growing out of the forest, fauna and flora alike, at first in liquid form, then crystallising.

    The plan is to decorate our Christmas tree this year with them, and related ideas when I’ve thought of them. Better get to it, then!

  • Little Bird

    I’ve been tinkering with the layout a little – I added a new header, featuring the little fabric bird just completed today. I finally got around to whittling a beak for her and taking a few photos. I’m still playing around a lot with styles with my sewing. For this one I was aiming for somewhere between realistic and a folk style. I don’t know that I have the balance I’m looking for just yet, but I’m learning.

    I do really like her, though. I named her Berry.

  • Hi

    Making a quick first post on my new blog to motivate me to finish getting it properly set up.

    This is going to be my space for my various embroidery and sewing projects, ideas, thoughts, sharing progress, etc.

    I’m Katrina, welcome to Moonstrands.

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